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How to Burn WMV to Blu-ray Disc(BD)?
January 29, 2016

How to burn WMV to Blu ray disc(BD)?

Some people often ask me is there any way to convert and burn WMV video files to Blu-ray disc, including general WMV and HD WMV to Blu-ray disc. I say then you’ll need a multi-functional Blu-ray burner program to help you make the WMV to Blu ray conversion with easy handle.

WMV to Blu-ray burner

WMV to Blu-ray Burner

Blu-ray Burner (For Windows) or Blu-ray Burner Mac (for Mac) is a powerful and easy-to-use Blu-ray disc burner, which can convert and burn Blu-ray discs and DVDs with several resolutions to choose from. It can convert and burn AVI, MP4, MKV, DV, MPEG, MOV, WMV, and more SD/HD videos to Blu-ray format. Then you can enjoy your favorite videos on your LG, Panasonic, Philips or other Blu-ray / DVD players.

Detail guide to burn WMV to Blu-ray Disc/Folder/ISO:

Before burning WMV to Blu-ray disc, you need prepare the following software and equipment:

  1. A third-party External Blu-ray Drive if your computer does not have one.)
  2. Get Blu-ray Burner downloaded on your computer, install and launch it on your Mac/PC.
  3. A blank writable Blu-ray disc: BD-25, BD-50

Step 1. Load WMV video files

Click on "Add Video" button to import one or multiple WMV video(s) that you would like to burn to Blu-ray.

input WMV video

Step 2. Make necessary burning setting

Click on the main menu and the Burning Setting interface will pop up. You can carry out the following settings:

  • Conversion: Choose priority native code or not.
  • Performance: Select the burning engine(like starburn) and video mode.
  • Connection: Set the the proxy and the frequency of automatic update.
  • Others: Add external subtitle, choose encoding, choose thumbnail(screenshot) location and format.

burning setting

Step 3. Design and preview Blu-ray disc menu

Click on the right side of the window to select a static and dynamic Blu-ray menu template and get an instant preview. If you are not satisfied with the preset menu, you can design your own menu with customized theme, background image and music, button, caption and more.

design disc menu

Step 4. Start burning WMV to Blu-ray disc

Select WMV files you want to burn, click "Burn Now" button from the previous step to start WMV to Blu-ray burning progress. Then insert a blank Blu ray disc into the driver while the program pops up a window reminding you to insert Blu ray disc.

burning WMV to Blu-ray

OK, That’s all! Do you think this Blu ray burner program is simple enough for you to burn WMV videos to Blu ray disc or HD DVDs? Just free download the WMV Blu ray burner to have a try!

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