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How to Burn AVI to Blu-ray Disc(BD)?
January 27, 2016

AVI to Blu-ray

Would you like to burn AVI video files onto Blu ray disc and then you can play the disc on you HD DVD machine. Then answer is that you should use a Blu ray burner program, today I’ll recommend you a powerful and easy-to-use Blu ray Burner and the whole AVI to Blu ray burning progress guide.

AVI is a container file format that used for digital video, it uses lots of different combinations of audio/video codes to encoding data in container. You can find Xvid .avi, DivX .avi, MJPEG .avi, MSMPEGV3 .avi and HD H.264 .avi video files in our AVI video collections. Thanks to disc burning software, burning AVI files to Blu-ray or DVD on a Mac & PC that you then can view on your home theater is not only possible, but simple.

AVI to Blu-ray burner

AVI to Blu-ray Burner

This AVI to Blu ray Burner is proved as the best AVI Blu ray creator and maker. Since it has powerful conversion functions to convert and burn various video files to Blu ray or AVCHD DVDs in high quality with fast speed.

When you burn AVI to Blu ray disc, you’ll find many outstanding features of this Blu ray Burner program, such as trimming, cropping, adding watermark and subtitle, audio, and customizing output quality to reach your high requirement.

Step-by-step guide to convert/burn AVI to Blu ray disc:

Before burning AVI video to Blu ray disc(BD) or AVCHD DVD, you should do the following preparation:

  • Free download the AVI to Blu ray Creator from the above download link, install and run it on your PC/Mac.
  • Blu ray Disc: BD-25, BD-50

Step 1. Load AVI video to AVI Blu ray Converter.

Click on "Add Video" or "Add Photo" icon to import AVI video files to the program. Or you can just use dragging-and-dropping method to load AVI movies from your computer. You can add several files and burn them at a time.

load AVI video to Blu-ray Creator

Step 2. Set Blu-ray Target for Burning

Click "Burn to" box to enter burning panel, where you can choose to burn AVI to Blu-ray Disc, Blu-ray folder or Blu-ray ISO image file. along with DVD burning sections you can choose.

Then input the BD title by entering the Volume Label. Further more, select writing speed, the number of burning copies and the target disc size (BD25, BD50, D5, D9).

set Blu-ray format

Step 3. Create your stylish Blu-ray disc menu

With the embedded 40+ free disc menu and template models, you can select one you like and get an instant preview by clicking the middle of the disc menu. What’s more, you can customize your own menu by putting the menu titles, adjusting the title font and color, adding background image or music, editing the content on chapter list pages, etc.

customize BD disc menu

Step 4. Edit AVI Video for Blu-ray Burning

a. Trim – Get any video segment you want to convert and burn. Click "Trim" tab on the left, then set Start Time and End Time or just click start point and end point to get your desired video clips.

trim AVI video

b. Add Subtitle and Audio – Highlight your video file and click "Subtitle" or "Audio"button. In the "Subtitle" dialog, click "Add Subtitle…", specify the language, vertical position, subtitle delay and font style.

c. Crop, Effects, Watermark – Click the corresponding tab on the left of video editing panel to remove black margins and unnecessary part, add text/image watermark , and apply artist effect to your movie.

blue ray AVI effect

d. Set 3D Effect – Click "3D" tab, slide 3D Mode option to green. Then select a 3D effect and set 3D Depth from -50 to +50. You could get instant preview of the 3D effect you set.

set Blu-ray 3D effect

Step 5. Burn AVI to Blu-ray Disc/Folder/ISO

Select AVI video files you want to convert, click the "Create" button to start burning AVI to Blu ray. After the conversion, the program will pop up a window to remind you to insert Blu ray disc, just insert a blank Blu ray disc into the driver.

converting avi to blu ray

That’s all! How long time the burning process will take depends on the length of your source AVI video file as well as the file size. After burning AVI to Blu ray disc, you can enjoy your AVI video by your new Blu-ray player.

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