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Burn AVCHD to Blu-ray Disc?
January 27, 2016

How to burn a AVCHD file to Blu ray disc?

burn avchd to blu ray

  • Is there any way I can get AVCHD files from a Canon HF10 to burn on a Blu Ray disc, to be played back on a Panasonic BD30 or PS3? However, some Blu ray player: PS3 or Panasonic BD30 seems do not recognize AVCHD videos. Is there a way to burn high definition camcorder videos AVCHD to Blu-ray disc?
  • I wanted to put the AVCHD files on a Blu Ray instead of a DVD because the DVD only holds around 30 mins of AVCHD. But Blu ray provided large enough space with up to 50 GB per dual layered disc.

What tool do you need to burn AVCHD to Blu ray?

AVCHD to Blu-ray Burner software

AVCHD to Blu-ray Burner – The excellent Blu-ray Creator and Burner software specially designed for high definition camcorder users. It supports to convert HD camera videos, like Sony (M2TS), Canon (M2T), Panasonic (MTS) AVCHD to Blu ray Disc so that you can watch your AVCHD video on your Blu ray Player such as Panasonic BD30 or PS3.

Detail guide to convert and burn AVCHD to Blu-ray disc:

Before getting AVCHD file onto Blu ray disc(BD), you should do the following preparation:

  • Free download AVCHD to Blu-ray Creator (both Windows & Mac are available), install and run it on your PC/Mac.
  • Blu-ray Disc: BD-25, BD-50

Step 1. Load AVCHD videos

Click on "Add Video" or "Add Photo" icon or just directly drag-and-drop AVCHD videos from your camcorder to the AVCHD Blu ray Converter software window. You can load several files at the same time.

load AVCHD video source

Step 2. Set Blu ray output format

Click "Burn to" box, choose to burn AVCHD file to Blu-ray or DVD disc, Blu-ray Folder, DVD Folder, or ISO File. Then type BD title, Select the writing speed, set burning copies number, and choose target disc size BD-25 or BD-50 according to the size of your camcorder videos.

set BD format

Step 3. Video Editing and 3D Effect Setting

Select a AVCHD file, righ click it and then choose "Edit" option, or click the "Edit" icon beside each video file directly to enter the video editing panel.

  1. Trim AVCHD video
    Trim video length by setting the start point and end point on the play bar, or just set the Start Time and End Time to have desired video clips to be converted.
    trim avchd video
  2. Crop, Effects, Watermark
    This AVCHD to Blu ray creator enables you crop, add watermark and set artistic effects for your video. Just click on the corresponding section to crop video size, apply artist effet, or add text/image watermark to your movie.
    blue ray avchd effect
  3. Set 3D Effect
    Moreover, click "3D" tab, slide 3D Mode option to green. Then select a 3D effect and set 3D Depth from -50 to +50. You could get instant preview of the 3D effect you set.
    set Blu-ray 3D effect
  4. Step 4. Design Blu-ray disc Menu

    This Blu-ray burning software offers 40+ free menu templates that are specified in different categories: Standard, Business, Education, Holiday, Nature, Sports, Wedding, Custom. You can select any one of them as your output DVD or Blu-ray disc menu and template.Or just leave your disc with "No Menu".

    disc menu design

    Step 5. Burn AVCHD to Blu ray disc

    Check to make sure all settings have been done. click the "Burn" button to start burning AVCHD to your Blu ray disc.
    Insert a blank Blu ray disc into the driver while the program pop up a window reminding you insert Blu ray disc.

    How long time the burning process will take depends on the length of your source video file and the file size.

    create blue ray disc from avchd

    That’s all! After creating Blu ray disc from AVCHD video, just sit down to enjoy your you can enjoy your high definition camera AVCHD video by your Blu-ray player like PlayStation 4 Slim 1TB Console, Sony BDPS3700 Streaming Blu-Ray Disc Player with Wi-Fi, Sony UBP-X700 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Player (2018 Model), etc.

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